Counselling Services & Rates

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Counselling Services

Counselling takes place in a safe, confidential setting.

I use a variety of counselling modalities to help clients deal with childhood issues, trauma and PTSD - including:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • Satir
  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SPI)
  • Lifespan Integration (LI)
  • Mindfulness and guided imagery

Our initial appointment includes an assessment to determine which modality is right for you.

To learn more about these modalities, see: Is counselling right for you?

Counselling Rates

My fee structure is based on RCC approved rates. I offer a sliding scale rate based on your household income.

  • 50 minute session: $120/session
  • 90 minute session: $150/session

Most sessions are 50 minutes. Lifespan Integration and couple therapy may requires 90 minute sessions.

I accept payment by cash or credit card.

Counselling services may be covered by your extended insurance. Check with your provider for details.

Call 778.847.7415 to book an appointment

Or contact me via email.

Counselling for Refugees

Refugees who come from war-torn countries have faced war, death of loved ones, persecution and the grief of displacements as well as trauma of adjusting to a new country.

All this affects their ability to learn a new language and find their way around the city.  Trauma also affects their parenting skills.

Children who suffer from trauma may not be able to find the soothing they need from their parents when the parents themselves are hurting.

Besides English, I speak Arabic and Amharic (Ethiopian) and I am familiar with the cultures of the people who speak these languages.

I accept referrals from medical doctors and social workers who have refugee patients who suffer from psychosomatic issues and relational problems due to trauma. For more information, please call me 778.847.7415 or email me.